About Us

Grace Sepe
Grace Sepe - Gluten Free On The Go Owner

Grace is a seasoned business owner with a strong background of managing the overall operations and resources of successful companies from the ground up.

Her 10 years of experience in the food service industry has served as a driving force to create the new venture of Gluten Free On the Go, which is an innovation in gluten-free food service with a focus on the wholesale space.In a pandemic no less, she has independently cultivated a system of food safety and reliability which so expertly displays her dedication to her work and her selfless nature. Gluten Free on the Go aims to help those with food sensitivities live a whole and happy life as well as show the world a new side of gluten free options.

Serving as the CEO of Gluten Free on the Go, Grace prioritizes customer satisfaction and her business model has proven triumphant and consistent with her mission.