Welcome to the Cafe LaDeDa Health Kart - offering gluten-free, GF vegan, GF Keto, GF paleo. The food is of the highest quality, made with the best non-GMO organic ingredients and source locally from small bakeries.

Cafe Ladeda has launched a health kart that brings highly nutritious food, drinks, desserts, snacks & fresh pressed juices to your location.

  • Hot/cold specialty health drinks with anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer benefits
  • Beverages
  • Water
  • Desserts
  • Sandwiches
  • Snacks

We are passionate about fostering a culture of healthy eating in the workplace. Our kart will prove valuable to our valued customers and hard-working dedicated employees and establishments and businesses.

As entrepreneurs and employers, it is our social obligation to take care of our loyal repeat customers, and ever hard-working and educated employees. A 2017 Forbes article reports the links between poor diet, more sick days, poor job performance, and larger medical expenses for businesses.

Research has shown that poor diet is causing more sick days and poor job performance. Our revolutionary health kart is wheeling in a solution.

Together, we can increase customer & employee satisfaction for your business by catering to their nutritional needs. Our luxurious kart serves a variety of healthy offerings that include:

All packaged in eco-friendly biodegradable products. The Kart is run by trained professionals with a background in nutrition to help even the novice health-conscious customer. More customized orders and pre-orders are available.

Get served practically anywhere. Whether you're in the hospital, hotel, ferry transportation, upscale theaters, or co-working office shares, our health kart comes in handy for most in the fast-paced where time is of the essence.

Our revolutionary lightweight kart requires no electricity or water, making delivery and removal complete ease. Who needs the health kart?

  • Large Corporations
  • Commuting and Transportation Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

If your interested in learning more about how to have a mobile kart within your business/establishment hospital or hotel email us at cafeladeda1@gmail.com or fill out the application below and we’ll get back to you promptly