About Us

Grace Sepe - Gluten Free On The Go Owner

Grace Sepe is a seasoned business owner with a strong background in developing business. CafeLaDeDa was created because of her own autoimmune disorder and the lack of good tasting, high quality gluten-free offerings available on the market.

CafeLaDeDa has been in operation since 2016. Since then she has perfected the art of serving delicious gluten-free food and baked goods, primarily for customers with autoimmune disorders and the Celiac community. Now they can eat out without the concerns of cross contact or cross contamination. There is no gluten in the CafeLaDeDa facility and all products outsourced are scrutinized before entering the facility. In addition, CafeLaDeDa only partners with other certified or designated facilities. Bringing you the ultimate gluten-free experience.

More recently she has created a new venture Gluten-free on the Go, which is an innovation in gluten-free food service with a focus on wholesale space and distribution of products. During the pandemic, she had independently cultivated a system of food safety and reliability which so expertly displays her dedication to her work and her selfless nature.

Gluten-free on the Go aims to help those with food sensitivities live an whole and happy life as well as show the world a new aid of gluten-free options.

Contactless refrigeration available for Transportation comanies  Hospitals Hotels Office buildings Restaurants Keeping Gluten-free offering in our state of the art contact refrigeration systems. Point of sale and digital screens for customers to access items safely. Contactless refrigeration is ideal for Transpiration companies Hospitals Hotels Office building Restaurants Large corporations Contact cafeladeda1@gmail.com for more information


This was a difficult decision that needed to be made so that we could be with a loved one in need.

Please stay connected as there will be an online ordering platform soon so customers can continue to order some of our most popular Gluten-Free items. Please give us some time while we go through this transition. Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to email us at cafeladeda1@gmail.com.